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KX7 Front Ramp for John Deere Combines


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Westward Part Number: COMBA2-L02
Mfr Part #: BA2-L02
Application Notes: John Deere Models S550/S650, S660, S670, S680, S690, S760, S770, S780, S790, 9650 STS, 9660 STS, 9670 STS, 9750 STS, 9760 STS, 9770 STS, 9860 STS, 9870 STS
Commodity Class: .

KX7 concaves are customized to best match various crops and conditions. Use the Crop Customization Tool to determine the right concaves and components to achieve your best harvest.

KX7 concaves feature Kondex's patented box design with its unique angles bars to meet the crop head-on. The angled-bar design of the KX7 MaxThresh and MaxRound box-style concaves meets the crop head on for more immediate threshing, which in turn increases the capacity of your combine. This allows you to raise your concave clearance, reduce wear to your rotor, and achieve more flexibility to finetune settings. With KX7, you’ll also gain more grain-on-grain threshing that results from increased airflow disruption.


• Front ramp uses bolts/nuts for easy mounting and maintenance
• Significantly improved grain quality
• Dramatically cleaner samples
• Decreased rotor loss — approximately 80% less than traditional concaves
• 10-15% improved capacity and productivity
• Little to no plugging, even in high-moisture conditions
• Decreased fuel consumption


KX7 concaves are designed to withstand your toughest conditions. The MaxThresh™ assemblies come standard with Kondex's exclusive Tungstrong™ wear coating, while the MaxRound™ assemblies are heat treated for extended life.